Supercharge Your Live Production

Sharelink expands the capabilities of your Vidiu encoder to help you
reach more viewers more reliably.

  • Stream to multiple destinations
  • Remotely manage your Vidiu encoders
  • Stream over multiple network connections

Sharelink is a Streaming Solution Designed For:

News and Events
Houses of Worship and Churches
Sports Broadcasters
Education Institutions
Government and Politics
Nonprofit and Public Figures
IRL Streamers and Hobbyists

Do More in the Cloud

Send your streams to the cloud and discover a world of new streaming capabilities.

Never Drop a Connection
Brandon Sullivan, meteorologist and avid user of streaming technology, has been storm chasing for the past 8 years, risking life and limb to capture the harshest weather in Tornado Alley. Since the inception of live streaming, his storm chasing projects have taken on a new digital form, inviting viewers to follow him into the eye of the storm. Using Sharelink, Sullivan bonds multiple network sources so he doesn’t have to worry about connectivity while capturing dynamic content in remote locations.
The Internet is really important to me when I’m out there chasing. Utilizing Sharelink allows us to use all those connections simultaneously. I don’t have to worry about it. It handles all the Internet and all the video by itself, and I get to focus on seeing the storms.

Brandon Sullivan

Meteorologist and streamer
Reliable Streaming From Anywhere
Streaming from a boat in the middle of the ocean challenges cinematographer Mitch Oates to deliver a high quality video with limited bandwidth. He relies on Sharelink’s bonding capability to stream over two cellular sources: an LTE modem and an iPhone 6 hotspot. No matter where the ocean takes him, Oates is able to deliver a 720p live stream with clear video to over 100,000 dedicated viewers.
It 100% would not have worked without Sharelink. Even though the Internet connection had such a slow upload speed, the network bonding feature made it possible for us to deliver a fantastic video on Periscope. The 100,000 people who tuned in were stoked that they were watching such a high-quality video.

Mitch Oates

Cinematographer and diver

Your Live Streaming Encoder

Sharelink is compatible with our Vidiu Go and Vidiu X live streaming encoders.

Live Stream Like a Pro
From Your iPhone or iPad

Easiest way to go live

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a robust production studio with Airmix, a free iOS video switcher application that transforms your live stream with custom graphics, transitions, animations, and more. Combined with the power of Sharelink, you’ll have the ability to reach a wider audience by streaming to multiple RTMP destinations at the same time.


On demand*
Best for occasional live streamers
Included data to destinations:
0 GB
Extra outbound data:
$2 per 1 GB
Included devices:
Included channels:
Credit card required at sign up:
Cloud Management:
Best for regular live streamers with single-camera setups
Included data to destinations:
50 GB
Extra outbound data:
$1.5 per 1 GB
Included devices:
Included channels:
Credit card required at sign up:
Cloud Management:
Best for regular live streamers with multi-camera setups
Included data to destinations:
125 GB
Extra outbound data:
$1 per 1 GB
Included devices:
Included channels:
Credit card required at sign up:
Cloud Management:
On-demand plan has no recurring monthly fee.
1 GB of data corresponds to 1 hour of streaming on the HD setting
on Vidiu Pro (2.1 Mbps).
Applicable only when using Vidiu Go and Pro.

Get 15 GB of complimentary data

Now you can get 15 GB of complimentary outbound data for any Vidiu model on any 2.0 subscription plan. 15 GB of outbound data gives you up to 8.3 hours of 1080p streaming to 1 destination at 4 mbps.
To get the free outbound data, please follow 3 simple steps described inside Sharelink web application.


Why do I need Sharelink?
On its own, your encoder can stream to one destination at a time, using one network connection at a time. Using Sharelink enables: (a) multi-destination streaming, (b) bonded network connections, (c) cloud-based, remote encoder management.
How much does Sharelink cost?
We offer three pricing plans to suit your streaming requirements and frequency.

On Demand
Pay $2/GB for only the data that you use

Pay $24.99 per month for 50GB of data and $1.5/GB for additional data

Pay $49.99 per month for 125GB of data and $1/GB for additional data
In what regions is Sharelink available?
With a variety of streaming servers around the world, you can count on Sharelink to deliver a quality video to your favorite online destinations from just about anywhere. Sharelink is available in the following regions: We offer three pricing plans to suit your streaming requirements and frequency.
  • North America
    • N. Virginia
    • N. California
    • Canada (Central)
  • EU
    • Central (Frankfurt)
    • GB (London)
  • South America (São Paulo)
  • China Mainland (Guangzhou)
  • Asia Pacific
    • Sydney
    • Tokyo
    • Mumbai
How do I estimate streaming data usage with Sharelink?
Monthly streaming data usage can be manually estimated by taking into account the following factors:
  • the total bitrate configured on the Vidiu Pro or Vidiu Go, including both the audio bitrate and the video bitrate,
  • the time duration you want to stream for each event, typically at an hourly rate,
  • the number of events per month.
The audio and video bitrate specified on Teradek encoders are listed in megabits per second (Mbps), and these values need to be converted to megabytes per second (MBps), which is the value used by mobile network carriers on their data plans.
How many network connections can I use with Sharelink at the same time?
A maximum of (6) connections can be used with the Vidiu Pro at any time.

The Vidiu Go supports up to a maximum of (7) connections.

Ethernet: one (1) connection can be made to the Sharelink service

USB: one (1 - Vidiu Pro) / two (2 - Vidiu Go) connection(s) can be made to the Sharelink service with a supported USB device (USB modem, Wi-Fi hotspot that is enabled for USB tethering, etc.)

Wi-Fi: either (1) connection in Client mode, or up to (4) iOS or Android connections in AP mode.